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Anonymous asked:

Hey! :) I know this doesn't really belong here, but I just have to ask someone! Do any of you know exactly what Lady's Baby is about?

Hi there! Lady’s Baby was inspired by Karen Hammer and her son, Justin Hammer. Karen, her husband (or husband-to be) Bobby and Justin lived with Peter for awhile, and that’s baby Justin you hear cooing in the song.

Thanks for your question!

Here’s a pic of Peter and Justin:



Anonymous asked:

Can you do a gif of Micky and Peter dancing from the dance, Monkees, dance episode?

Hi! I’m sure that’s possible, but like I said in response to the question about DMF art, the girl in charge of the gifs/art is taking a break right now.

I’m certain she’ll get to it eventually, we’re just not quite sure when exactly. But stay tuned, and thanks for your request!


Anonymous asked:

Are you planning on posting any more dmf art?

Hi there!

There are three of us who run this blog, and the girl that makes the gifs and art is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment.

I’m sure there will be more DMF art at some point, we’re just not sure when right now.

Thanks for the question!

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